SCENE is committed to providing you with a protected online environment. Keeping your personal and confidential information secure is one of our responsibilities. In turn, we ask that you also take responsibility for ensuring the safety of your personal and confidential information.

Learn more about what we do to secure your information and how you can protect yourself.

Our Commitment to You

It is one of our responsibilities to ensure your online experience is safe and secure.

What We Will Never Do

Cineplex Entertainment LP (which includes the following theatres and brands: Cineplex Odeon, Famous Players, SilverCity, Coliseum, Colossus, Scotiabank Theatres and Galaxy Cinemas), Scotiabank and will never send you unsolicited emails requesting confidential information, nor will we ever ask you to sign on to Scotia OnLine or from a direct link in an email.

We will also never ask you to validate or restore your SCENE membership card and password or your SCENE ScotiaCard account access via email or unexpected webpages.

What You Can Expect

We will only send you email when we need to communicate with you about new features of SCENE, special SCENE member offers, and changes to the program, including our monthly SCENE e-newsletter.

We will not use your email address for anything but SCENE communication and will never give your email address to non-SCENE sponsors, redemption partners or parties involved in administering the SCENE program (see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we protect a member’s details).


Your Security Responsibility

While we take strong measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information, it is extremely important that you also do your part. Here is what you should know and some steps you can take to ensure your online experience with us is protected.

Before You Sign-on to

There are several steps that we have taken to ensure a secure environment. You will need the following before you can sign-on to

  • a SCENE membership card number (which is your unique identifier when dealing with us at
  • a password, selected by you
  • a supported 128-bit browser

Use Anti-Virus Software

To help protect your personal computer while you are connected to the Internet from computer viruses that can modify your programs, delete files or erase the contents of your hard drive, we strongly recommend following these anti-virus protection measures:

  • Install and frequently update a proven anti-virus product, such as McAfee VirusScan1 or Norton AntiVirus1. Most popular anti-virus products include spyware scanning capabilities.
  • Only accept or download software from a source that you believe to be trusted.
  • Never accept files or attachments when accessing websites, newsgroups and chat rooms unless you are sure of their authenticity.
  • Ensure you are using a legally licensed operating system.


Follow Safe Computing Practices

Your SCENE membership card and SCENE ScotiaCard account are two unique identifiers that allow you to safely deal with us online. To help protect your personal and confidential information, we recommend following these safe computing practices.

Protect your SCENE membership card and password

  • Pick a password that is difficult to guess by using a combination of letters and numbers (nothing obvious like your date of birth, etc.).
  • Never use the same password for, Online Banking, ABM, or Telephone Banking.
  • Memorize your password and keep it secret. If you suspect your password has been compromised, please change your password immediately.
  • Never send your SCENE membership card number and password via email.
  • Report any suspicious requests to SCENE immediately at 1-866-586-2805.

Protect your SCENE ScotiaCard account and password

Your SCENE ScotiaCard number and password are different from your SCENE membership card and password, and must be protected at all times. Your SCENE ScotiaCard number and password are what you use to sign-on to Scotia Online Financial Services.

Never give out your SCENE ScotiaCard number and/or password to anyone. In divulging your password, you contravene the terms of your ScotiaCard Cardholder Agreement and you will be fully liable for any unauthorized access to your accounts and all associated losses arising from these disclosures.

Never respond to links in emails or unexpected webpages asking you to validate or restore your account access and password. Scotiabank will never present you with unexpected webpages or send you unsolicited emails asking for your confidential information such as your SCENE ScotiaCard number and password.

Report any suspicious requests to Scotiabank immediately at 1-800-4SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842).

For complete details on keeping your SCENE ScotiaCard account information safe and secure, see Scotiabank’s Safe Computing Practices.

About Phishing Scams

This kind of identity theft scam attempts to persuade its victims to fill out a form with details of their bank accounts, credit card numbers and other personal information. Learn how not to be a victim and recognize Phishing Scams.


General Security Practices

  • Don’t respond to unsolicited emails that request personal information such as your SCENE ScotiaCard number, PIN, online/telephone banking passwords, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Report any suspicious requests to Scotiabank immediately at 1-800-4SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842).
  • Stay informed and follow any new security practices that may emerge over time.
  • Be discriminating. Be sure you know who you’re dealing with and don’t give out your personal information freely. Ask why it’s needed and how it will be used, and then determine if it’s relevant to provide.
  • Report lost or stolen credit or debit cards immediately.
  • Notify your bank or the police of suspicious activity.
  • Never give out personal information on the phone, through the mail or over the Internet unless you have initiated the contact or know with whom you are dealing.

See Scotiabank’s Security website for more details on steps you can take to protect your information.

1 McAfee and McAfee VirusScan and Personal Firewall Plus are trademarks of Network Associates, Inc. Norton AntiVirus and Symantec are trademarks of Symantec Corporation.